Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Early Season Viral Infection Fall 2018

Part II: October 31, 2018
Paul Herscu ND, MPH
Herscu Laboratory

Dear all,

As we posted in early October, we are in the middle of an early season viral infection that is presenting in all aged patients. Much remains the same from our prior update but we are also seeing an additional remedy emerge. Below are the full details of what we are currently seeing, so that you do not need to refer back to the prior post. 

This information comes from what we’ve seen in our clinic to date, as well as what we’ve heard from colleagues from Asia and parts east, from where many of our flu strains arrive.

In young children, they often do well with their chronic remedy if (even new) symptoms are still covered by that remedy. But some kids become very fussy, clingy and capricious to one extent or another. Chamomilla has done the trick. It may not be as extreme as you would think, but when the shift is in that direction, think of Chamomilla. The clingy, mucous filled, thirstless kids, whether they need it constitutionally or not, are responding well to Pulsatilla.

In adults, the two most common remedies have been Nux vomica and Phosphoric acid. As a throw back to flu season several years ago, Nux vomica presents with chills and cough and irritability.

Phosphoric acid has worked very well where there is deep fatigue and lassitude as the primary symptom. The patient cannot get out of bed or off the couch. It can look a lot like Gelsemium, but that remedy has not worked, so remember Phosphoric acid.

As the season is progressing some people are ending up with a simple but bad head cold with a sore throat, which is responding well to the remedy Arum-triphyllum. Other patients are developing a BAD cough. They are coughing so violently that they "feel like they are hurting themselves," or "going to develop a hernia." those folks have again, done well with Nux vomica.