Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ebolavirus 2014 Outbreak - #6

Ebolavirus 2014 Outbreak
May 5, 2015 Update #6
Paul Herscu, ND, DHANP, MPH
Herscu Laboratory


Well, it is my birthday today and I decided to treat myself to the birthday gift of writing this update. I am going to keep this short. Back in September, and again in October I wrote that by May 2015 we are going to have Ebola free countries in West Africa, assuming that there are no major cuts in funding. Elsewhere, in webinars on epidemics, I highlighted the different treatment protocols in the different countries, and that all things being equal some countries are going to fare better than other countries. The bottom line though was that by the start of 2015 the disease would become localized and that with all resources effectively brought to bear, Guinea should be clear except for some localized areas and Liberia would be Ebola free sometime in May. Well, if my math is right, by the end of the week, Liberia will be announced as being Ebola free, crossing our fingers still. This leaves two countries with local outbreaks.