Monday, March 28, 2016

Zika virus infection 2015-16 Epidemic - Update #3

Zika virus infection 2015-16 Epidemic
March 24, 2016 Update
Paul Herscu ND, MPH
Herscu Laboratory

If you have not yet read my first posting on this topic, please do so now before reading the following.
As mentioned in prior longer posts, my intention was to lay a foundation and build scaffolding so that when you see data or hear the news or learn of novel discoveries, you will have enough history and adequate context to make sense of it and have an informed opinion, making it easier for everyone to both predict what the news will be, and to anticipate government and scientific next steps. And as I finished that post, I mentioned that if I did my job well, the next posts would be short as the scaffolding would be in place and the forecasts made, only needing to be confirmed. If you have not read those posts please do so, as they will help place the discussion in context. You can find them HERE. The specific variables I chose to focus on remain the same:

1. Will Zika virus impact the USA?
2. Does Zika virus cause neurological diseases or is it some other agent?
3. Is Aedes aegypti the only vector we have to worry about?
4. How to address the intersection of economics and infections.
5. The role of Prevention.

Let’s dive in