Friday, February 22, 2013

Current Influenza Epidemic-February 20, 2013


Well, after a long, odd, complex season, the influenza season is finally letting up. Yes, people will still become sick over the next couple of months, but overall, the intense epidemic nature of these illnesses is passing. This is great news to me, since February is typically still a very busy flu season, and in some ways the busiest month for influenza in North America.  We are finally getting less telephone calls and less worried patients.

What is still occurring, in the same frequency is the common cold. As I write this brief note, I can say that I am sneezing myself. After so many people shaking hands, or sneezing in my face, I got this as well. In terms of the most common symptoms associated with the cold, at this time, if the patient does not need their constitutional remedy, consider Sulphur, Pulsatilla, Gelsemium, Nux vomica, Allium cepa, and Euphrasia. Temperature differences and emotional states are the most useful ways to differentiate among the remedies on that short list.

And lastly, the vertigo epidemic seems to be leaving us now. Thank goodness.
Good luck. Hang in there. Just 1-2 more months before most of these epidemics are gone for good. Then we can think about seasonal allergies!


Paul Herscu, ND MPH