Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Genus Epidemicus for Current URI - Update #1

December 23, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I hope all is well with you and yours. This is a quick note about the current upper respiratory tract infections in North America and Europe. 

Without getting into a very long description, and without describing the full case of constitutional homeopathy, case taking, case analysis, etc., it seems as though the current genus epidemicus is Lycopodium

This is regardless of the actual bug. I have seen the very young with right sided otitis media, teenagers with right sided sore throats, middle aged people with bronchitis and influenza, and older folks with bronchitis. In each case the patient was either someone who needed Lycopodium constitutionally and got sick while staying in their constitution, or else someone who went into a Lycopodium acute. 

I am sending this quick note because as a rule most of their complaints were not obviously pointing to this remedy. Therefore, I am sending this to just ask you to take a look at the remedy as a possibility, if you are either confused by the case, or if things are not progressing as they should. I am aware that historically, homeopaths considered the genus epidemicus for just one bug at one time. Again, my goal is not to discuss this topic here, as it is too lengthy, but just to highlight this remedy. 

Good luck, Paul


  1. Dear Mr. Herscu, thanks a lot for this - do you prefer a certain potency ? Greetings from Germany, Susan

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