Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Updated Thoughts on The Vertigo Epidemic I Observed

This is a short update to my previous message on the increased incidence of vertigo I observed some months ago and which I properly labeled an epidemic. First, let me say that it is still occurring, as there are new people complaining of vertigo, though it does seem to be slowing down through the later month of October. And second, after looking in many possible online sites, and calling several public health authorities, there does not seem to be an awareness of this increased incidence, and it is that which I want to discuss.

Since we sent out the first notice, we have gotten over 200 emails with stories of people having experienced or experiencing new attacks of vertigo. And if I may, I would like to both thank and respond to many of those emails.

First let me try to describe what I think the vertigo is not caused by. Some people thought it related to the recent earthquake experienced in the northeast US. However, this increase in vertigo has been taking place for a number of months before that earthquake, and has been occurring throughout the US, so I don’t think these two things are related. Some people thought it is somehow related to lowered levels of Vitamin D. However, this issue of lowered vitamin D has been true for many years, and this increase in vertigo has only been noted in the last 3 months, so I do not think this is the case either. Also, I had looked at the vitamin D levels of some of these individuals in my own practice and their numbers were in the high normal range, so I do not think this is the issue.

Some people thought it may be related to the recent economic crisis. However, the recent economic crisis is actually not so recent, has been in place for several years, and yet, now, when it looks like the economics in the USA have been improving slightly, we have had this recent vertigo. I actually do not think this is related. Also, people experiencing vertigo have been those wealthy and not so wealthy, those who just lost a job or just found employment and those with stable work. Solar flares, radiation, etc., do not account for it as well, I think, given the nature of the symptoms.

I also do not think it is Lyme disease, as some have written to us to consider, since many of the people are spread out geographically, living in cities and rural areas. Also, Lyme disease, when characterized by symptoms of vertigo, does not present in the epidemic ‘spread pattern’ that this epidemic had.
What I do think is causing this is a viral infection. But here is were it gets tricky for me, which will explain why I worded my prior notice the way I did. First, there are numerous people who had a sort of ‘cold’ or minor upper respiratory tract infection, prior to the beginning of vertigo symptoms. Some patients had mild sinusitis with that infection. And so, for these people, it would be easy to say that vertigo is an odd, persistent vestige of the infection that they had just prior to beginning the vertigo. However, there were just as many people who did not seem to have a cold, but were feeling ‘run down’, tired, exhausted, for no apparent reason. And just as many people who did not experience anything at all that they are aware of prior to the onset of vertigo.

Here is what I believe is going on, though it would have cost too much to prove it. I think there is/was a viral infection that spread through the population, just as these things typically do. However, it think most people were either not susceptible, in which case did not develop any symptoms. Others were susceptible, and this is where it gets interesting. In those that were very susceptible, they developed respiratory symptoms plus the vertigo. Others that were differently susceptible still had to deal with the virus and were therefore run down or fatigued, and later developed the vertigo. And lastly, some patients are subclinical, meaning they were/are dealing with the virus, but do not show clinical symptoms, and perhaps later became clinical with regard to the vertigo.

The long and short of it is this: I believe that many of the people experiencing this vertigo had a virus, a cold of sorts. Some had symptoms of the cold and some did not. However, at the end they are experiencing this vertigo, which for some is ongoing. I cannot prove that a viral infection was the cause, and therefore left that out of the prior note. But I thought I should respond to all the emails I received, and at least add my thoughts.

There are two specific reasons I thought it important to describe. First, anytime there is an increased incidence of an ailment, people should be made aware of it. And second, many people who are experiencing this went to their physicians, who did not find anything. In fact, many of the people thought that they had a brain tumor or multiple sclerosis or some other serious problem. The level of anxiety of some patients has been exceedingly high. Finding out that there may be a less severe reason to explain this symptom is helpful. Obviously, one still needs to follow diagnostic protocols to make sure there is no other, more serious, underlying reason for this symptom. If all the diagnostic work-up is negative, then I would venture to guess that the vertigo may be related to a prior viral infection. As with all other viruses, this epidemic is likely to die down. As mentioned before, the most common treatment was Cocculus indicus, with its attendant symptoms. I am curious, though, to find out what happens to the people who have been settled with the vertigo for an extended period of time. If you are one of the people who had this happen to you, would you mind keeping in touch? I would love to know what happened to the vertigo one year hence, in the Fall of 2013.

Until next time,
Paul Herscu ND, MPH

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  1. Hi Paul,
    I am a 58 y.o. white female, 125 lbs, 5 ft 4" tall.
    I did not respond to the first email that came around but will now.
    At age 54, I landed myself in the hospital 12/15/2008 - reason: woke in A.M. very dizzy, was frightened by it. When I stood up I realized one side of my body felt numb (thought I was having a stroke). Was able to get out of my pj's then colapsed on the floor, not unconscious but very weak. My son phoned the ambulance. No nausea. Loose stools the week prior and experiencing some kneck pain. They came, took my vitals on way to hospital- all was fine. Hospital kept me to run tests. Was discharged 12/16/2008 - diagnosis: Acute sinusitis. Vertigo.

    Feb 25, 2009 - Established an appt with a Dr. - I requested a lymes test because of prior symptoms after which my right knee became extremely painful and swelled a bit. Could hardly walk using it. Lymes test came back negative and doc diagnosed knee as runner's knee. Because I never ran I found this odd! During this time I had a 2 day period of excruciating lower back pain followed by constipation. Everything subsided, including pain in knee. Ironically, the left knee developed fluid and up until Sept 2012 the fluid remained. It just went away after all those years. The fluid build up in the knee was very obvious - now gone!

    To this day I continue to have the dizzy spells (vertigo). Usually happens if I get up too fast or lean a certain way. Although I just ventured out to zip-line and repelled in the Mayan Riviera last week. It was great!

    Additionally, a few other things that have accompanied the vertigo is that while healthy my blood pressure is an issue. I just had a physical with blood work - Cholesterol ratio, good chol and trig are great but the total chol and ldl was on the bad side! Cant' seem to get my blood pressure in a good range. The doc thinks having a sleep apnea test is a good idea - I on the other hand don't really see/feel there's a connection. I am at a great loss with my homeopath passing on (Beth Rotondo) and very happy to know that I'm not alone here. My mom and my sister both have the vertigo. My moms started years ago, my sisters not that long ago.

    Happy to share. Cant' wait to hear more.
    Mary Vetter

  2. Most of this Vertigo is caused by the H3N2 virus that has been around this year since Feb-March. It does have a upper respiratory component, and can settle into the GI tract and cause issues for patients that have a history of that as well. The H3N2 remedy this year seems to be Phosphorus. I specialize in Viral disorders as a Naturopathic Physician and follow this situation closely. Our immune cells have not seemed to create effective antibodies to this years strain yet.....people are getting re-exposed and re-experiencing symptoms. The body is using up its stores of Vitamin D in response to this virus, and due to its quick mutation rate, many patients are not completely getting over it and carrying around the virus for months. I believe it is in the process of becoming another chronic fatigue virus, but seems to be sub-acute at this point. A variety of botanicals seem to be effective against it as well as the remedy I mentioned. Cocculus does help some symptoms, but my experience is that it won't help the body completely fight and clear the virus like Phosphorus. I felt it was important to share this information, since I am seeing so many doctors missing it and patients coming in with the subacute problems in my practice. I have patients all over the US that I have treated for this as well.

    1. Hi Dr Engard

      I never have had anxiety or vertigo until Oct 2/2014. it started at work one day and continued for the next 3 working days on and off. I then went to the dr. who sent me to a physio therepyst for epleys manuvers. that did not work. The verigo started to be constant and continued daily/nighly. It is now Dec 31/14 and I have dizziness and tingleing in all over my body, but It comes and goes now. Due to the vertigo I had a major panic attack that started Nov 16th and continue to have anxiety and dizziness. my dr sent me to a pyciatrist and I have tried 3 different anxiety medications (Effexor, paxil and ciprolex) all 3 make my symptoms much worse. I currently am off all medication since Nov 28th. now I am just dizzy.

  3. Hi Dr Herscu,
    Thanks for sharing the experiences you have had with your patients' vertigo episodes.
    I'm not sure if this is what I have been experiencing but I have been having bouts of lightheadedness with extreme nausea for the last 2-3 months. I don't know if you have also seen nausea with the vertigo patients but if you have please post in your next update.

  4. Dr Herscu
    I've had a bout of vertigo myself (quite frightening too but resolved quickly with Cocculus) lately and I'm living in Belgium, last time in the States was in April 2010. So if it is a virus, it is a global one. Also I'm not the only one; I've had a few patients in my homeopathic practice.

  5. Hi Paul,this may apply to the new epidemic, so I will share it here.
    My daughter, 12 yrs old, in good health and fairly athletic, in mid-June was diagnosed with strep throat. She took antibiotics for a week, the throat got better, then she came down with a high fever, sore neck, generalized weakness. She was diagnosed with probable viral meningitis, a diagnosis by exclusion, no spinal tap. She was negative for Lyme, for mono, blood cultures were also negative. She was pretty sick with fever and neck pain for 4-5 days, I gave her Silica, no visible improvement. Then her throat started to be sore again, and she responded to Belladonna.
    She got very dehydrated and weak, but otherwise did well, and was able to go to travel to California by herself within 10 days from the start of the meningitis.
    However, after about another 10-14 days, she started complaining of dizziness, headaches, daily, mostly when she would try to stand up, and a mysterious knee pain, both knees. We ascribed the headaches and dizziness, to a "normal" sequela of meningitis, and we thought the knee pain was unreliable reporting, since it did not seem to affect her when she wanted to do any activity with her friends. She was able to function well overall. However these sign persisted for over a month, so i had had her checked again before school started in late august. She was tested again for Lyme, negative, for arthritis, negative, B12 levels, normal. The only abnormality was hypoglycemia. The pediatrician thought she had runner knee pain (although my daughter is not a runner...),and gave ibuprofen at a fairly high dose for a week. At a recheck, her symptoms had not improved, she was normoglycemic, and we had stopped the ibuprofen because it gave stomach cramps but did not relieve the knee pain. Still dizzy everyday, and with a mild headache for several hours every day. The ECG had a slight abnormality, so we were referred to a pediatric cardiologist. He found that Maddie was suffering from chronic dehydration and hypovolemia, recommended to drink a lot of water. (He also found that she had an ectopic beat, and a mildly stenotic aortic valve leaflet, but these were not related to her complaints).
    Her dizziness and headaches improved with the water, and even her knee pain went away eventually (the knee pain had been evaluated by a PT, and was diagnosed as a muscle weakness around the patella, but several sessions of PT did nothing to ameliorate it. I tried to explain to the PT that the pain did not come on gradually as in muscle weakness, and that my daughter was a competitive swimmer, surfed, played volleyball, all without problems or pain etc, before the meningitis).

    So maybe this is another case for the epidemic, it seems to fit at least some of the criteria, and some of what other readers have shared. Now My daughter seems fine (even though she has stopped drinking many bottles of water/day), no complaints. I will keep monitoring, and report changes, if any.

  6. Paul. The vertigo I'm seeing with nausea is similar to the dengue in India that Sunil Anand is treating with Tabacum.

  7. I myself have dealt with vertigo for the past 6 years. I am a naturopathic physician and have worked for years to rule out all the "simple" etiologies (including an extensive inner ear workup as well as full CNS MRIs to rule out MS or other lesions). What it has turned out to be for me is a combination of food sensitivity (gluten), adrenal insufficiency, and some sluggish liver enzymes leading to a buildup of metabolites. What we may be seeing is a multifactorial etiology to the vertigo.

  8. I have a 17 year old daughter who is extremely athletic and active and in general good health. Since May 31, 2013 she has been experiencing an unsteadiness that she decribes as her surroundings spinning and a feeling of walking on a boat or mattress. She has also experienced slightly slurred speech and a difficulty concentrating on reading and writing, She has spent three days in the hospital, has had a CT scan and two MRI's or her cerebellum, a spinal tap (all normal) and will have spinal MRI this Friday. She has been under the care of both an ENT and a neurologist. Last week she had a test called a postureography that indicated that the vertigo/ataxia was coming from the vestibular system. During the 7 weeks of this illness, she had not been able to drive or do any of the normal things a 17 year girl should being doing during her summer break.

    Initially she was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis by an ENT and we were told that we would just have to wait it out. 5 weeks later we were referred to the neurologist who has been doing all of the tests to rule out major auto immune and neurological disorders. Which is what we have been doing the past 2 weeks.

    During the 7 weeks that we have endured this condition, I have heard of several cases of people that are closely known to my extended family who have experienced different types of unsteadiness/vertigo. I would really like to know how I can find out if there are an abnormally high incidences of vertigo in my area.

  9. Went to bed fine one day, woke the next and had to crawl to the bathroom to vomit. Slightest movement of my head, sent the room violently spinning. I had the cold sweats for 3 days and the photo-sensitivity was painful. I had my husband tape cardboard over the windows that had already blinds and curtains. I had a towel over my eyes and I laid in bed for 5 days barely sipping on water and crawled to the bathroom only when absolutely necessary. After 5 days I could stand but still felt the room spinning for 3-4 days more. Dizziness diminished but still felt it for 2 weeks. No ear pain or cold like symptoms. Never been so sick in my life. ....

  10. Hello from Toronto, Canada. Four years ago I got "the spins" and they lasted several months. At first, I thought it was just a new symptom of my migraines and tried to ignore it, but eventually it was making it difficult to stand and lecture for three hours without "wobbling" and gripping the podium. I went to my doctor who said that a large portion of her patients had been complaining of the same thing which she said was "strange". I asked if she thought it was a virus. She said she didn't know and told me to just take some Gravol for it.

    Each year since, I've had a new round of vertigo in the fall. While it seems to have missed me this year, the number of my students, colleagues and friends who've been "down for the count" with the same symptom seems to imply that it's still rampant. Based on your article, it seems that this is also happening throughout the U.S. Yet, a google search of the symptom reveals only a preliminary interest in the issue. At this point, someone, somewhere, needs to commission a study.


  11. My elderly mother began experiencing lightheadedness, and dizziness. Went to ENT and did some crazy test on her that proved nothing and made her worse. So much for "do no harm". Since her problems I have been hearing more and more about this problem so I googled "dizziness epidemic " and found some interesting things including your informative blog. Thank you, If i print this and show her I think it may be re-assuring to her to see that it is actually very very prevalent these days. What nasty little "undead" piece of DNA machinery may be causing this!!!??

  12. Connecticut: I, too, have had this vertigo for a couple of years. I went to the hospital doctor who prescribed exercises. I would be walking across the room and have to sit right down on the floor because I thought I would faint. I was slurring my words and seeing double, and went to the emergency room more than once because I was so SURE I was having a stroke or a heart attack. I blame panick attacks about the extreme dizziness for this. The anxiety attacks I have are still horrible because, though I know it isn't killing me, I feel like it is. MRI came back clean, also Lyme was negative, ENT found nothing wrong. I changed my eyeglasses but my eyes still seem to be getting worse every day. Everyone made me feel like I'm crazy and the primary recommended we stop tests and go to a psychologist instead. So I stopped going to the hospital and doctors. It started in the Fall and Winter three years ago and is definitely amazingly better, but not gone. My ears always sound like they are full of liquid, I am now on blood pressure medicine, and anti-anxiety medicine - the only good news is that I quit smoking because of it! I was hoping it was a contributing factor and perhaps it was. I quit over two years ago now. Also, something weird, I had a bad cold with fever and people recommended Aleve for it. Then I started having very bad shoulder pain in both shoulders and continued taking Aleve for it. I was taking that for a few months about the same time the vertigo began. I don't take aspirin because it hurts my stomach- the only pain reliever I've ever used prior is Tylenol. I did get my shoulders looked at, had an MRI, and did have a small tear in one, but the doctor was sure the pain I was experiencing in both had nothing to do with the tear. Now I am finding so many people who are not geriatric who are having the same symptoms of vertigo...I ask them if they ever use Aleve. They do. I stopped and I recommended that they stop, too. I also recommended a saline rinse for their sinuses as this seems to help me on my worst days. I work at a small church and there are two female geriatric new vertigo members, one male council member in his late sixties and the female Sunday school director in her 30s and myself (female- 40s). I did not tell any of them that I had it, all they knew was I had missed work a lot a few years ago. Each of them talked to me randomly about the trouble they are having with this vertigo, and all within the past year or so. Limiting my "screen time" on the computer and resting my eyes does help some, too. I no longer play playstation games with my 7 year old son for more than an hour or two a month, give or take. I cannot go to the movie theater without my brain "swimming", and carnival rides are - needless to say - out. I pray that the symptoms continue to subside, but three years later I am not holding my breath. I simply continue to look for better ways to live with it.

  13. North Central NJ – I am a healthy 59 year old active male who has experienced vertigo, nausea, cold sweat, vomiting and physical weakness last week. This is my third time going down this path – the first occurred in 2009, the 2nd in 2012 and now again two years later. All incidences have been triggered during the summer months and came out of nowhere and within days I was back to normal. The last experience started August 6th @ 5:30AM I had awoken in a pool of sweat – dizzy and the room slightly spinning enveloped in complete nausea – I proceed to get out of bed and crawled to the bathroom and producing dry heaves for the next 40 minutes. Completely weak and sweating profusely I made it back into bed were I stayed until I regained strength and stability – this took 12 hours; I made a light snack and felt as if I had the symptoms of food poisoning but I knew that nothing came up during by bout at the porcelain alter and I had eaten only a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a couple crackers pretty innocuous one would think. Prior to this I was having my late snack and had run a quick 5K at the local track something I do 2-3 times per week and is part of my normal routine.
    I rarely get sick and am in what I consider excellent health for my age – this really took the wind out of me I felt completely defenseless and at the worst point considered calling an ambulance. When I explained the characteristics to my wife – she had expressed that the same symptoms had affected her earlier in the week but not as severely. My 1st thoughts were that it was environmental since we both had the characteristics within days of each other – but I was confused why both of our children (11&14) didn’t show any signs or symptoms?
    Since all incidences for me have triggered in the summer months I’m interested in the possibilities that this has a viral component delivered by mosquito. I would have never thought this was a possibility but on one level it makes perfect sense. The debilitating characteristics never stayed around long enough for me to schedule a doctor’s visit or trip to the ER. With the last bout – I took off one day of work – the 2nd day I was still weak with slight nausea but felt that I was gaining strength as the day proceeded – by the 3rd day I was back to normal and went out to track and ran 3 miles with no issues.

  14. I am a 46 yo healthy woman and I first had an attack of vertigo 2 years ago (I remember it was Sept 2012 because the Olympics were on). I woke up during the night and the room was spinning uncontrollably. It was quite frightening. It gradually improved over a couple of weeks but the first couple of days I could not leave the house. I found that it was worse if I lay on a certain side. Then I had another attack yesterday, not as bad but when I woke up in the morning and opened my eyes the room was spinning. It improved a lot faster, by lunchtime I was much better but then I got really tired, a real fatigue that lasted the rest of the day. This morning I woke up and felt great, no signs of anything. I researched it the first time and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was - I concluded it must have been some kind of vestibular virus, that is still in my system? Since where I live September is the end of winter/start of spring, this would be a distinct possibility - I find I get run down towards the end of winter as I don't handle the cold well.

  15. I had my first bout of vertigo in 2007, houghton I had poisoned myself giving dogs a flea bath. The episodes increased to once weekly, then I was transported to ER with a sudden severe headache. X-rays showed mASSIVE sinus infection in all 8 cavities. Since the. I've fought with healthcare, finally getting a 40 day dose of Bactrim, which gave me one year free of vertigo! I smoke, and now vertigo is back and without insurance I suffer. In or around 2007 they began to put additive in cigarettes to prevent them from burning. I am wondering could this be causing the sudden increase!? I never even heard of vertigo before and now I know too many people who experience this and the list is ever growing.

  16. I'm going to report four people, and we all live in Southern California, half an hour from the coast.
    First is my mother, she's in her 60's. First things about my mother's health is that throughout her life she can get headaches easily. Now she's been experience increased in dizziness and occasion vomiting about more than nine months from today, 01/07/2015. About two months ago we finally got diagnostics from a doctor claiming it might be that this is relating to vertigo because of the symptoms she described. She is more careful about how she would pillowed her head before she sleeps. Along with that she's still going through tests. The doctors been prescribed her many drugs that help with dizziness. She complained they all made it worse for her. Then one day she said when she was in Alaska around 2011 in the summer, she would experience some light head and she would take genric benadryl over the counter(the pink pill). It was originally to help her with some runny nose. So, I decided to get some benadryl for her. She claims that it works wonder for her. However, if she stop taking it daily, the vertigo symptoms would come back. Though I worry about the long term effect of taking benadryl. So I'm looking more into natural remedies now.
    Around SoCal this winter 2014, many people catch a flu as well; many people I know were in bed for more than two days. My friend is lucky this year because she was always the first one in her family to catch , I learn that she also experiencing these same symptoms. She's in her 50's. She mentioned that she's been experiencing it before 2011. She's worse symptoms than my mother. I talked to her mother about her daughter condition and her mom admits she also experience sudden dizziness this winter along with soar throat that has been plaguing most of the family members.
    As I keep reading about vertigo and becoming more paranoid, I feel like I might be the next in my family to have this problem. I'm in my early 30's For me my respiratory case started since 2010 when I moved to Alaska. In 2011, I had flu like symptom but it wasn't major. However, I'd get headaches for everyday in about two weeks. I feel like my body was weak and can't breath through my nose. I bought Zicam nasal spray to free up my nose. After that initial two weeks I got better, but my sinus still some what plug. Soon after that I lost my sense of smell for few months and every now and then I'd get plug in my nose. I did some research and there were some people claming Zicam would cause them to loose their sense of smell. I was trouble yet didn't bother to see a doctor about it.
    Since 2009 till 2013 I made flight back and forth from CA to AK in holidays. I noticed that I'm starting to have motion sickness on the plane, which I have not have since I was a child. In 2011, I flew to California to meet with an ENT to find out why I lost my sense of smell. With in the first week of staying in CA I got my smell back, thank God! Unfortunate, that whole week I was having flu like symptoms with headaches and light fever again! I flew back to AK that winter realizing something is causing me to loose my sense of smell in AK. 2012 Spring time, early May is when white birch tree starting its pollination, I lost my sense of smell again. It is apparent to me now that that the birch tree was the main factor. I now live in SoCal, but as of late, going up and down the elevator by only 1 floor would give me light dizziness. Living in SoCal, I do not have high allergy like I did in AK because birch tree is not so abundant here; however, I get more frequent headaches and eyes soar. It's a trade-off I guess, but this leave more room for questions than answers.
    I hope my report help with getting some insight and will update later, until then good luck and God bless!

  17. Had vertigo for first time in February of 2014. 1st trip to docs resulted in botched diagnosis, she told me I didn't need antibiotics and it would go away on its own in a week. 1 week later it had gotten way worse, had to go to emergency room, doc there said was shocked they didnt give me antibiotics last time and apologied. Went away after meds, but still have sinus congestion all the time with clear mucus ive never had before and vertigo-ish symptoms like dizzy, room semi spins when moving quickly, leaning over, looking around quickly. Very much a bummer.

  18. I'm a 64 year old woman in good health, in June 2016 I woke up walked down my hall and had to hold on to the walls I was so dizzy. For 4 days I vomited and couldn't keep anything down. Went to an urgent care they ran MRI and cat scan, I was dehydrated, said I had vertigo, sent me to the hospital, I was there for two days, while the hospital was having an epidemic of patients coming in with dizziness and nausea. My ears have been ringing, one ear and this has continued now since Sept. My dizziness is slight, but my ear is still making gunny noises never stopped. My personal M.D. Diagnosed it as Vertigo, I haven't had the nausea since before I went to the hospital. It was the first time in my life I have ever had vertigo. I think something must be in our air or water, that is causing this outbreak.

  19. I had it and my sister had it 3 months later and is still having dizzy spells. I wonder if it could be chemicals? Independent testing over the past decade confirms that Chemtrails around the country contain a dangerous and extremely poisonous mix of chemicals that includes: barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers. I have a feeling this is what is spreading your Viral Infections.. Desiccated Blood? Mold Spores? Yellow Fungal mycotoxins? Yeah, I would look into this because it has been being done for some time. We have no idea what they are trying and at what times.. I think it will get worse before it gets better.. It really isn't cool that a select few can create problems like this for the masses!

  20. Very interesting article. I too believe that the dizziness spreading through the population is either caused by a virus or some sort of environmental toxin such as electromagnetic waves, fungus, chemicals etc. My son is 23 and in Oct. of 2016 he was eating dinner and became very dizzy and fell to his side. Ever since then he has been dizzy. That's 9 months! He has had every test you can think of. From 2 week heart holter monitor, MRI, blood tests, EKG, neurological, inner ear testing etc...The list goes on and on. Many thousands of dollars later still no answers. The best doctors can say is anxiety. He has anxiety from being dizzy. He is not dizzy from anxiety. The doctor recommended a beta blocker and Prozac. My son has taken the beta blocker for 2 months now and no improvement at all. He declined to take the Prozac for fear of long term consequences. He is unable to work anymore or even leave the house much. He has tried every supplement you can imagine and every home remedy listed on the internet. He has tried balance exercises, epley maneuver, working out, drinking more water, changing his diet, the list goes on and on. And still the dizziness persists. I am hopeful one day it will disappear just as fast as it came on. Another thing to note is that his brother who is 20 also had a similar experience. He fainted in April of 2015 while being sick with the flu and became dizzy for many months after. He still has bouts of the dizziness however it is much better. I am hoping the same will be true with my older son. I wish someone would do some research into this epidemic of dizziness. I truly believe there is some underlying cause other then anxiety.

  21. Sorry about the typo about the "flying debris". I erroneiusly pasted a clip saved a while ago while looking at hurricane Irma.

  22. July 2015, woke am with extreme vertigo, first time ever. Was visiting friends 2 hours from my home. Thought allergies, mold, chiropractic adjustment or dental infection. Later learned smart meters had been installed in my town at the same time vertigo started. December 2015, tooth removed. Vertigo infrequently until spring 2016, then more often. Has continued. Strange; 5pm Wednesday evening hit by vertigo and ill feeling for 2 hours, spoke to 2 other people that had similar symptoms, one at same time, also for 2 hours and one later in the evening woke from sleep. Started investigating. Is it possible that a vaccine for chicken pox or shingles could be transmitted via vaccinated individuals secretions to others? According to an article,, some viruses can cause vestibular neuritis. With the influx of vaccination, especially for flu, chicken pox, and shingles is it possible these man made diseases are at fault? None of the folks I know were vaccinated for these however we all work around people that have been vaccinated.